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If you are looking to enjoy your run or walk you must have the proper gear. In addition to having a more enjoyable run or walk by having the proper gear it will help you prevent injuries.

Running Gear

Items to consider when you run or hike

Proper shoes- Shoes will help you prevent shin splints, lower back problems and other joint problems. You can obtain the correct shoe by getting a video gait analysis at Sole Sports Running Zone

Apparel- If you live in hot or humid locations you must have moister control tank tops, shirts, shorts etc. this will help you with the sweat.

Running watch- The running watch is not a must but is an accessory that is very useful. With today’s technology your running watch can track your pace per mile, your running route, heart rate, steps and you can even store music so you don’t have to run with your phone to listen to your favorite tunes.

Hydration gear- There are multiple options of hydration accessories; handhelds, running belts, backpacks and more. If you are new to running or you are consider going on a longer run that you are not use to, having hydration gear will keep you refresh and safe on you run.


Running Stores

Sole Sport Running Zone


4730 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ 85018


On the NW corner of Arcadia Dr & Indian School Rd, in the Arcadia Town Center shopping center (where Safeway is located).  In September, 2019 we teamed up with iRun and are located in the same location.


1006 E Warner Rd Tempe, AZ 85284


On the NE corner of Rural Rd & Warner Rd, next to Landis Cyclery and behind Tempe Public Market.


7001 N Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85253


On the NE corner of Scottsdale Rd & Indian Bend Rd, in the Scottsdale Seville next to Wildflower Bread Company.

Running Clubs/Groups

COMING SOON – STARTING NOVEMBER 2019 Race Timers Track Workout host every Monday a free track workout at Westview High School. Starts at 6pm and workout runs until 720ish pm. All levels are welcome and you run at your own pace. Please visit Race Timers Facebook page and view events for full calendar details

Sole Sports Running Zone has a very active running group. Take a look at their meeting schedule and locations.

Arizona Road Road Racers has a Tuesday night track run. Visit their website for the workout and additional information.

Running Programs

Welcome and congratulations on starting an active life style and/or running your first 5k!

This training plan was created by an experienced runner with over 20 years of running.  The training plan will help you build a strong running base to finish your first 5k run.  In order to be successful at your first 5k you it is important that you keep a running routine. Please keep in mind that there is no training plan that will work for every single walker/runner/jogger or anything in between, there are many training plans that are available it is important to find the one that fits your needs. The plan below was designed for a walker/runner/beginner runner to help him/her complete their 5k run while building a strong running foundation.

Running is both a fun and challenging sport, it will take a lot of self determination to complete and maintain an active running life style but the rewards are endless.

If you are you are looking for a more challenging training plan please take a look at the Intermediate Training plan or Advanced Training plan.

5k Beginner Training Plan

Click here to view 5K Beginner Training Plan