Important key points that will help your event

There are all sorts of runners and it will be impossible to be able to reach all of them, but, you can always try to capture the most runners as possible.

Race Timers can help you with obtaining any of the items below.

Here are some key points we recommend when hosting your first or if you are an experience RD see if you are offering some of these items.

Swag items

Is one of the most important items for you to consider when hosting an event as many runners are looking to get the most from their money.

Offer something unique out side the box, yes a t-shirt is easy to give but just like your event the event taking place next week and the week after are most likely the same old t-shirt.

Consider the following items: Hats, visors, hydration belts, high knee socks, race number belts, arm sleeves, fleece vest, hoodies, beanies etc.

Finisher medal and Age Group awards

The finisher medal is one of the items that will bring the most runners, I have a bigger than the typical size medal will go a long way with runners.

Age group awards will bring those runners that are looking to be a more competitive and are going shoot to set at P.R at your event.

5K vs Other Distances

The 5K is the typical run and the most easy to host but as just mentioned is the typical event therefore there will be many 5K’s before your event and after your event.

Consider offering a distance that is not offered in your area, such as 10K, 15K or other distances. Hosting a longer distance can be additional time and work but it can be very rewarding to your event is that distance is not available every weekend.

Again, Race Timers can help you with all your event needs.

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